Project Description


7 day horseback riding above 12,000 f

Hacienda El Tambo

Provincia del Napo – Ecuador – 2016

Just west from Cotopaxi volcano and north from Quilindaña is where the hundred year old hacienda is located. Originally built by Incas, this farm has seen multiple life times, it has lived many volcanic eruptions and survived.

Time passes all around the hacienda but somehow this place feels untouched, unmarked by the human hand, a place where you feel small and powerless against nature.

Isolated in time by a 4 hour car ride to the closest town on a small dirt road , filled with loose rocks, huge puddles of mud, three river crossings and a great 4×4 experience you arrive to El Tambo, where the mythical rodeo takes place.
This activity is not for everyone due to the high level of horsemanship needed to overcome the challenge. The risks are high, the closest hospital is at least 4 hours away, there is no cell phone reception and there is no heli me the hell out of here, so there is no room for big mistakes.

The upside is living an experience that will soon become extinct, imagine riding along the side of the Andean Chagras through the highlands, swaps, steep hills, small cliffs, massive cliffs, rivers, the landscape and life and a painful death and also hundred of wild bulls all around you, you will feel the powerful, amazing experience at hand.

I like to think that opportunity won`t present to me twice so every time a unique experience arrives it’s impossible not to see it through.